Fedora 14 release party + 2bil firefox celebrate!

Our FIRST event about Fedora in Cyprus!

On the 18th of November 2010, we had our first small event in Cyprus, in cooperation with New Technologies Club of Cyprus University of Technology! It was a Fedora 14 release party plus 2 billion firefox addon downloads celebration!

There were only few of us, about 15 students of the university. Most of us were new to fedora and FOSS in general, so the presentations were about open source principles and Unix systems. We had also prepared a Fedora booth to secure that all attendees would get a Fedora 14 Live CD. Our Live USB Creation Stations didn’t have any visitors though.  In the end, there was a workshop on how to install Fedora and common applications.

Why was the event successful?

First of all, since we knew each other, the event had a cozy atmosphere. It was like chatting with my friends about my experiences and why they should at least try Linux. In the end, it showed up that most of them knew about OpenOffice, Firefox and Chromium! They were more concerned about dual booting issues, which were soon solved after the install party. Some of the attendees were so positive that would like to contribute to Fedora and we are thinking of creating a FOSS team in Limassol! Furthermore, the Information Technology department of the university is considering replacing Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox!

Many thanks to Theodotos, member of the ubuntucy community, for presenting us with enthusiasm academic applications we could use (and actually use now!) and how to build virtual systems using Virtualbox. The event without him wouldn’t have that success!


  1. Please, adjust your image in planet fedora, it’s TOO BIG ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment! The .png file I uploaded now is 100×118, but still no effect. Maybe on next post.
    I apologize for my huge head on planet :P


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